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Forever Entwined


by P. A. Baines

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Publication Date: March 2013

Published by OtherSheep Books

ISBN-13: Pending

Meet P. A. Baines

"I was conceived in the USA, born in England, raised in Africa and after a childhood spent travelling around the world, consider myself a nomad at heart. I love the smell of a harbour, and have never lived more than a few miles from the ocean. I love animals and if I could do it all again would choose a career as a big game warden in an African nature reserve.

"I have done some interesting jobs through the years, including working as a waiter, a supermarket salesman and, for a number of years, as a fitness instructor (at one point winning a national aerobics title). I originally studied to be a psychologist but abandoned this to concentate on my fitness career.

"At the age of twenty, I bought my first computer and discovered I had a knack for programming. For the past twenty years, I have worked as an IT professional, and am currently responsible for maintaining the biggest database of its type in the world. Married with two children, I live in a small farming community in Holland."

You can find out more about P. A. Baines on his Webpage.

P. A. Baines

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